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Flickering of the hotspots in AR(Camera) mode.

April 12, 2018 - 3:52am #1


The image target based detection rendering is encountering flickering of the hotspots for iOS application.

Following are the steps and observations :

  • Uploaded the image target on the developer portal and generated the .dat and .xml files.
  • Using these.dat and .xml files to generate the data set
  • While detecting the image target if we view it from slight varying angles then the rendered hotspots dance (flicker) around.
  • This behaviour is not observed in all use cases but for certain use cases.(Do not have a pattern for us yet)
  • The hotspots are not at all stable (constant flickering seems like translation(repositioning) of the hotspots).


Any pointers to enhance the stability and cater for the flickering issue would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards



Flickering of the hotspots in AR(Camera) mode.

April 12, 2018 - 9:54am #3

If I understand you correctly, you may want to use the search term "jitter" instead of flickering.  Definitely read through the very last link sanketprabhu provided.  


Flickering of the hotspots in AR(Camera) mode.

April 12, 2018 - 4:54am #2

If you observed Vuforia behavior closely then, Targets are detected only for a moment when they first come into view, then they move to tracked. In first observation, your issue is related to tracking.

Your Hotspots are getting Flicker effect (dance :) ) due to continuous change in a ARCamera input while Tracking. There is no readymade solution to control AR camera input, but you can control ARCamera input and allow an object (Hotspot) to move if there is considerable displacement.

Your problem is very generic, so there is no specific countermeasure for your problem. Yo need to follow base practice for this.

To understand your problem you need to answer following questions:

1. What is the exact size printed target and roughly how far from the target are you standing when you observe this behavior? What star rating did your image get?

>>Recommended: It should be exactly similar to size mentioned in .xml and at least 3 star


2. Which version of Xcode + Vuforia are you using?

>>Recommended: Must use Vuforia 7 and above and X code 9 and above as it uses device native sensors to stabilize rendering. Please check the release note for Vuforia SDK v7.0.43


3. What are the Vuforia Camera settings?

>>Recommended: Make the camera's near clip plane as big as possible, and the far clip plane as small as possible, so the depth buffer's precision isn't wasted.

IMP: Please follow best practice for accurate detection and stable rendering.

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