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How to track multiple image targets on iOS native simultaneously?

June 7, 2021 - 7:51am #1

Dear community / Vuforia support team,

we are currently struggling with the Vuforia examples for native iOS running with Swift/xcode and were hoping to get some hints here. We've implemented an application with multiple image targets (two for the test here) to be recognized successfully with Unity3D and SDK 9.8, but the same approach leads to bad results on iOS native. We've checked for the limits (VuforiaHint.HINT_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_IMAGE_TARGETS, 100) and debugged our way through. But don't let me go into the code level now... my simplified situation with my questions would be:

When we register two image targets we get the correct result list from Vuforia, but it will always only render the 3D object over the last marker from the list. 

  • Does anyone know about this behavior and has an idea how to solve this to render on all markers at the same time?
  • Maybe someone has a simple multi image example he/she could share with us for native iOS/Swift5? 

It seems the native examples are rather outdated and incomplete. (See other forum entry .)

Thanks a lot!

How to track multiple image targets on iOS native simultaneously?

June 21, 2021 - 4:36am #2


We do not have any other samples except the ones provided here: With Vuforia Engine 9.1 we reduced the scope of the sample to only a few features and we make sure that for each new release of VE, the samples work as expected.

Using Vuforia Engine natively is not that straight-forward, as Vuforia Engine handles only recognition and tracking. Everything on top, for example rendering needs to be developed by yourself. In regards to your issue, our samples require additional thinkering to render additional augmentation as the samples where desinged to render only 1 Augmentation.

If you are not familiar with rendering in general; using Metal, OpenGLES I would advise to use Unity as with Unity, the rendering is handled by the game engine.

Thank you for your understanding.

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