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'Invalid SDK value' caused by QCARWrapper

November 30, 2015 - 12:12am #1

Hi everyone,

I'm using the Unity Cloud Build system to test my apps I had developed with Unity, and so far everything was working fine (including the test versions, and APK for android).

Now it's the first time I'm trying to upload an IPA to iTunes-Connect, using the 'Application Loader', but I got an error message (ERROR ITMS-90512 - Invalid SDK value). "QCARWrapper is 10.9 which is greater than the maximum allowed value of 9.2."

Please see the attached image for further details.


I had the set the cloud builder always to use latest Xcode version.

On my max is installed Xcode v7.1.1, Application Loader v3.3,

In my Unity project the target iOS version is set to '7.0'. (Should i set it to 'Unknown'?)


Any ideas hot to get it fixed?

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'Invalid SDK value' caused by QCARWrapper

December 1, 2015 - 9:26am #4

The QCARWrapper (DLL and Wrapper) code is anyway not used on the mobile platform (it is only used in Play Mode), however for iOS projects, the sole presence (even if practically unused at runtime) of the QCARWrapper bundle file results in the error message you reported.  

We plan to fix this in a future release; this issue is seen with Unity 5 since Unity 5 has introduced the Plugin Inspector notion and uses some new criteria to determine the default platform of a DLL or a Bundl;  on Unity 4.x this issue was not seen.



'Invalid SDK value' caused by QCARWrapper

December 1, 2015 - 7:01am #3
I got the same answer last night from a colleague, who is also have lots of experience with Vuforia SDK.
It seems it's not the 1st time people get this kind of bug.
Although it's fixble easily once you know what to do, would you be able to fix the default platform of QCARWrapper bundle in future releases?
And also,
I'm not sure why this bug happens just with the distirbution iOS versions, and not the development versions (nor android)?

'Invalid SDK value' caused by QCARWrapper

December 1, 2015 - 5:02am #2

In Unity 5, you need to select the QCARWrapper bundle in 'Assets/Plugins', go to the Plugin Inspector, in the Platform tab, unselect "Any platform" and select just "Editor".

This will make it clear to the iOS builder that the QCARWrapper must not be included in the Xcode project (as that's meant for Play Mode only)

Then rebuild for iOS.

See also:



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