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iOS12 Vuforia Fusion ARKIT Problem

April 10, 2019 - 2:13am #1

Software / Device Used:

Vuforia 8.1.7

Unity 2018.3.9f1

XCode 10.2

iPad Pro: iOS 12.2


We had some Problems lately with Vuforia and Unity 2018 in combination with iOS Devices ARKIT "Support". Unity 5.3 with Extended tracking worked fine enough, but due to Expectations and iOS Store Requirements we had to upgrade to Unity 2018. Now the Objects are moving with the Device from the Target, i even dragged the Objects to other Rooms. As the Camera is on the Target again its snaps back (Same Results with Imagetargets and Vumarks). So i made and uploaded a short Screencapture with a clean 2018.3.9f1 Project using CS Script to set the Providers fast on Device. Restarted the App between Providerswitch




Minimum Expectations with Vuforia Fusion were about the ARKIT only AR Viewer (Augmented Reality) App from iOS Store. Are there known Bugs in the current Vuforia Version, Hotfixes, Workarounds, or mistakes on our End ? On Request i´m sending the Complete Project without Lib and Vuforia Key to test and build yourself.

Best Regards,


Video Examples of Vuforia with Device Sensors, Vuforia with ARKIT Vuforia Fusion, Vuforia without Device Sensors, AR VIEWER App from Appstore (ARKIT only). https://vimeo.com/329524444 // password: FusionTests

iOS12 Vuforia Fusion ARKIT Problem

August 18, 2020 - 3:28pm #2

Hi! I'm facing the same problem.. do you managed to solve this issue?


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