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Iphone's camera stream in play mode ?

December 15, 2014 - 11:09am #1

Hi all,

I'm on windows 7, running Unity 4.6.1, Vuforia 3.0, and my device is an iPhone 4S on IOS 7 with Unity Remote 4

Is it possible to test a Unity/Vuforia project in play mode using the iphone's camera as the webcam ? No problem to do it using the webcam integrated to my PC, but not with the iphone's camera (connected in USB and running Unity Remote 4, and "Any IOS device" selected on editor's options). One time i had a "AVerMediaCapture" in the ARcamera device list, but not working using it (black screen)...

Is it possible or do i test my project using a real webcam only ? Do i need a Pro version ? Do i need to authorize camera access with some code ? Any ideas of what i'm doing wrong ? Is this "AVerMediaCapture" corresponding to the iphone's camera ?

Thanks for any advice,


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