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Keep Object Visible in world space

February 18, 2013 - 7:11am #1


How can I keep an object visible in world space  after the camera moves away so the target card is no longer in view ?

So for example:  I have a scene with ballons fixed in world space (they do not move)  as the user rotates the ipad away from the target card they can see balloons in world space..   ( imagine seeing  ballons fixed in the air around you )  As the user rotates slowly around with the ipad other ballons slide into frame..  so a user could turns 380 degrees eventually returning to the original target card.

So the traget card is used to trigger the initial objects being rendered in world space and used as a positional reference for baloons in world space not in view.

In the DefaultTrackbleEventHandler.cs   I've tried turning off   OnTrackingLost()

but this only freezes the objects in view, simply sticking them to the camera view. 


UCS allow for mutiple targets or the use of SLAM but I've seen this done simply by recording the target cards world space and using that as a reference.


Keep Object Visible in world space

February 18, 2013 - 8:34am #2

Hi Mick,

I am not sure this is easily possible, because when the user first points the device, how would it know its orientation?  i.. to understand which balloons should be in view and which should not?

Reviewing world center mode which has 3 options:


  • If set to USER, you can set up a single target as the world center. This target never moves in the scene; instead, the camera and all other targets move in relation to it, as long as it is visible.
  • If set to AUTO, the first visible target is selected to be the world center.
  • If set to NONE, the camera is fixed in place and all targets move in relation to it.

... and I am not sure any of these would help except possibly USER, but for this to work it would always have to be in view.

Another possibility is to try with the gyro support, and see if this can help, though its probably worth writing a few test scripts to see if the behaviour is as you might expect







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