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Native iOS app with Vuforia/unity experience

April 28, 2014 - 11:52am #1

I just started out with Vuforia and Unity. I mad a simple project and did the build within Unity and saved it to I could open in Xcode and deploy to my device. I successfully deployed it but now wondering how I add this experience to an existing Xcode project or build a full app on top of the experience. There is no storyboard in the project and not sure what view controller is the actual experience that I would segue to for when I want to trigger it (say off a button in an app). What is the best route here? Do I add to this project or build the whole app and just import this unity build somehow? Basically I want to have a full native app that can also launch through a button the AR experience. I assume all the experiences have to be made in unity but when I deploy a build it looks way diffent in terms of file structure than the sample apps. Have not seen any tutorials really on this. Below is the project build for reference.



Image icon screen-capture.png300.22 KB
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