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Project Not Updating on iOS

June 5, 2019 - 12:56pm #1

Hi all, and thanks in advance for your help and expertise.

We are working on building a marker-based AR app, displaying images and animations over various Image Targets we've loaded in through the normal database process on the developer website. We are developing in Unity on Mac OS, and continually building in Xcode on iOS devices to test.

For a while everything was working great. The Mac version was matching what we saw on iOS, and all image targets were recognized and functioning correctly on both mac and iOS. Now that has changed and the Mac version works fine, the iOS does not.  

Basically the iOS version is not updating/recognizing new targets or displaying the images on those targets, yet the older targets still work. It's like any new changes we make to the app are not recognized, like we're running an old version of the build. Even stranger, it does however recognize changes to scripts, which appear to be up-to-date.

I even deleted a target from my scene, re-exported to iOS and that target was still being detected in the iOS app.

Any ideas what might be going on?

Appreciate it!




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