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Setup 3D models in FrameMarkers

January 9, 2013 - 11:20am #1

hi everyone,

I've read most of the forum, but I could not solve my problem :(
I am creating my models using obj2opengl.pl, and I used to ImageMarkers (sample application). but FrameMarkers not work for me because I need indexes.
In'm replacing ...
"- (Void) setup3dObjects
     / / Build the array of objects we want drawn and Their texture
     / / In This example we have 4 textures and four objects - Q, C, A, R
     [self add3DObjectWith: NUM_C_OBJECT_VERTEX ofVertices: pinguinoVerts normals: pinguinoNormals texcoords: pinguinoTexCoords
                      with: NUM_Q_OBJECT_INDEX ofIndices: QobjectIndices usingTextureIndex: 0];
     [self add3DObjectWith: NUM_C_OBJECT_VERTEX ofVertices: CobjectVertices normals: CobjectNormals texcoords: CobjectTexCoords
                      with: NUM_C_OBJECT_INDEX ofIndices: CobjectIndices usingTextureIndex: 1];
     [self add3DObjectWith: NUM_A_OBJECT_VERTEX ofVertices: AobjectVertices normals: AobjectNormals texcoords: AobjectTexCoords
                      with: NUM_A_OBJECT_INDEX ofIndices: AobjectIndices usingTextureIndex: 2];
     [self add3DObjectWith: NUM_R_OBJECT_VERTEX ofVertices: RobjectVertices normals: RobjectNormals texcoords: RobjectTexCoords
                      with: NUM_R_OBJECT_INDEX ofIndices: RobjectIndices usingTextureIndex: 3];
} "
but that gives me the file I have no NUM_X_OBJECT_VERTEX obj2opengl.pl, NUM_C_OBJECT_INDEX, I have no indexes.
I do not know how to use my models: (
Help please!

hi edades, Sorry we don't

January 10, 2013 - 4:17am #2

hi edades,

Sorry we don't have any experience of using this software, though some do appear to have had success with it.

If you hunt around you may find other SDKs that could help you, but I think the key is to be able to support a 3D file format.  The other alternative is to hunt around for a 3D engine that integrates with Vuforia, and NinevehGL is the only one that I am aware of.

I also noticed you posted the same question here:  


Please avoid double posting in the future




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