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Shader Missing

February 19, 2019 - 8:47am #1


    I have an iOS app in which unity is integrated. Inside the app there are two modules A and B

A uses native iOS vuforia

B uses unity Vuforia

I've a material in B which uses Standard shader that comes up with Unity. The material is green in color. When I launch the app and opens Module B everything works fine. Then I open Module A and again Module B. Now in Module B the color of material changes to Black. 

I tried to override the color inside the unity during runtime, but still the issue persists. While logging the color values, it shows the color values of green. The transparency is not changed.

The shaders like Mobile/Diffuse works fine.

I used the sample code available from native iOS in Vuforia portal.

Could somebody help me, why the material is black in color?




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