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January 26, 2017 - 4:02am #2



Sorry for my awful english !

I try your samples on xCode. Everything works great !


I need to develop a project with your SDK but I need to develop it with Swift language.

I search on your forum, on Stack, I read a lot of articles, I try VuforiaSampleSwift (https://github.com/yshrkt/VuforiaSampleSwift) but when I want to integrate ImageTargetsSample with SampleSwift, I've got a lot of errors. I try to find solutions but it's painfull. I spent 2 days but impossible to compile.

I use VuforiaManager from Yoshihiro Kato and ImageTargetsEAGLView, but there's many errors with SampleAppRender.

If I use SampleApplicationSession in Swift, no more luck. ERRORS, ERRORS, ERRORS...

Anyone can help me to wrap ObjC++ class for using in Swift.

Does anyone use Vuforia with Swift ?

Please HELP ME !!!


Thanks a lot.


April 5, 2017 - 6:07am #1

I too facing similar issues on integration vuforia in swift. Kindly let me know if you able run the github code(https://github.com/yshrkt/VuforiaSampleSwift)



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