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User Define Targets and UIImage

February 27, 2019 - 7:14pm #1

Hello everyone,


I have a question about the user define targets. I saw the sample app for UDT and when the user press the camera button a teapot is placed if the picture is good. My question is is there any further information of how instead of the teapot I can put a UIImage? I was looking thru the forum for old topics and I saw one where someone was able to put a UILabel, but there wasn't any code and the topic was very old. There are other ones, but couldn't find any sample code or more direct instructions.


I saw that in the sample app the teapot is being created in this method:

- (void) renderModelWithProjection: (float*) projectionMatrix withViewMatrix: (float*) viewMatrix andModelMatrix: (float*) modelMatrix

so my guess is this is where I have to replace the logic.


Any information will be highly appreciated, thanks


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