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Video Playback Streaming on IOS

April 14, 2016 - 3:37am #3



I want to use the Vuforia Video playback sample to view Videos in an Augmented Reality application.

My problem ist that i have to migrate my Unity3d-project to the new Vuforia SDK an the new vuforiaVideoPlayback-Sample.

I'm able to view Videos on Texture if they are integrated in the unityAPP, but if i want to stream, it doesnt work anymore.

On Android there are no problems, all works fine. On IOS i cannot stream the videos.

I did work in fullscreen before I migrated, now there is only the "busy" Icon and I cannot either play the Video in fullscreen.


Has anybody an idea or a solution for this problem ?

Video Playback Streaming on IOS

July 14, 2017 - 1:31am #2

Hi Elfgenpick,

I also have the same problem as you, however there is a small difference.

As you mentioned about the full screen problem, even the icon is busy, my video can be shown in full screen without problem for my case with a single click.

The answer for this solution is none, since Vuforia states that "On-Texture rendering of streaming video files is not supported on all iOS version".

The Link is here.

The solution for my application is to directly negotiate with and tell the stakeholder about this problem. In addition, you should figure out the answer with them.

Thank you. 

Video Playback Streaming on IOS

February 2, 2018 - 12:29pm #1

Hi i found a solution for this problem. It consists in not to use the Vuforia Video Playback component. 

I putted inside my image target component a 3d cube which will be the surface for the video. So you have to resize the cube acording to the video resolution.

In the cube inspector add a video player component using the button "add component"/ video/ VideoPlayer and in the video properties you have to select the URL option in "Source".

It is posible that you have not sound so you have to add an audio source component (add component/Audio/Audio Source) and in the video component in Controlled tracks intert 1 and drag the cube component inside the Audio Source field.


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