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Vuforia Cloud detects only when debugging

July 18, 2021 - 3:38am #1

I have strange issue with my project. Vuforia Cloud detection is working fine when I have iPhone connected to Xcode and run from Xcode in debugging. But if I close the app and run in again opening the icon on the desktop, for some reason nothing is being detected. I have no way to test what's going on, because when Im debugging it works. I tried changing Run mode to Release, but it didn't help. I have used production license and database. What could be wrong?

Vuforia Cloud detects only when debugging

July 20, 2021 - 10:08am #2


1.) I have similar issue with the 9.8.8 where i used Vuforia Engine with Unities AR Foundation. According to development team issue is related to the fact that the setup article in the documentation is incomplete.

Other than installing the ARFoundation package from the PackageManager, developers have to also import the ARKit XR Plugin for building on iOS or the ARCore XR Plugin for building on Android. Also, they need a valid license key set in the VuforiaConfiguration.

Please verify that by performing those two additional steps, Vuforia with ARFoundation works as expected.

2.) you can also check if there is a version of the program installed on IOS. So first delete it and then start again the test - just to be sure that the version what you started in connected mode was successfully overrides the old version.


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