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Vuforia5.0.5 Unity5.2 and xcode7.1 Error

December 9, 2015 - 1:37am #1

I'm developer on Unity use Unity extension, and export iOS project, when I run on iPhone device by xcode, it's work very well, but when I try to archive and submit to AppStore, it will report a error like the picture:

I try to package the unity project whitch without vuforia SDK, it very smooth, nothing happen, but when I try to export iOS project and archive the vuforia official sample (VideoPlayback), this error show again, so I guess this is an error about vuforia SDK, someone can help me, I just try to archive it, not change some code.

My tools version:

Unity: 5.2

xcode: 7.1

Vuforia: 5.0.5

Thanks for answer.


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