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AR Camera shows White Screen

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April 13, 2022 - 8:29am #1


I made an App for Andorid with Unity + Vuforia, it was tested in 3 Android devices by now. In 1 of them (Samsung Galaxy S20) the App does not work, there is an issue with the Vuforia AR Camera a White Screen is showed instead of the rear camera of the phone. (See attached Image)

In the other 2 devices (Samsung Galaxy a52 and a Motorola One Fusion) the AR Camera works well, but after some time of use (like 5/10 minutes) it starts to work bad like slow or with freeze.

The App has 2 cameras one is AR Camera (Depth 0) and the other is a Unity camera (Depth 1) in order to show a video on it PiP style.

I only used 3 elements form Vuforia Engine (AR Camera, Plane Finder and Ground Plane Stage) and I placed some 3DObjects on the Ground Plane Stage.

1) I wonder first, why the Samsung S20 shows white screen on the ARCamera area, as I could see the phone supports ARCore and also Supported by Vuforia.

2) About the case in other 2 devices, I tried different things like lowereng the resolution, quality etc. but after some time the ARCamera begin to work slow/lagged.


Below the the version of each SW module used to made the App.

Unity Hub 3.1.1

Unity 2020.3.30f1

Vuforia Engine v10.5.5

ARCore XR Plug-in


I apreciate any help.



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