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calling VuforiaRenderer.Instance.VideoBackgroundTexture gives distorted image

February 26, 2020 - 10:10pm #1



Not entirely true. The output seems to be that Background Plane not the Cameras render. Adding OnRenderImage() renders over the Plane

The out to Game view is cropped and zoomed in that is not obvious from the background plane.

So you need to build a different mechinisum to render and force the final output back into that background plane and not serenader the scene in front of the plane




trying to use the texture out from 



finishMat.SetTexture("_ARVideoFeed", VuforiaRenderer.Instance.VideoBackgroundTexture);


I get a stretched image. Well you could say I can not figure out how Vuforia is cropping it image instead. I dug through the shaders but the out image seems different from the Video image and the background plane that is used in the scene.

If I make a shader toggle the MainTex and the ARFeed textures and move the Background plane in the scene it only moves when the MainTex is the return value from the shader


I tried to set its ratio to uv. Im missing something basic


VuforiaRenderer.VideoTextureInfo videoTextureInfo = VuforiaRenderer.Instance.GetVideoTextureInfo();

Vector2 m_TexureRatio;

      m_TexureRatio.x = (float)videoTextureInfo.imageSize.x / (float)videoTextureInfo.textureSize.x;

      m_TexureRatio.y = (float)videoTextureInfo.imageSize.y / (float)videoTextureInfo.textureSize.y;

      finishMat.SetFloat("m_TexureRatio_x", m_TexureRatio.x);

      finishMat.SetFloat("m_TexureRatio_y", m_TexureRatio.y);


Vuforia 8.6.10



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