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Camera will not recognize Target image

September 23, 2017 - 9:34pm #1

Vuforia SDK Version: Unity -

Description with steps to reproduce: No matter what I do my camera wont recognize my target image, I have used multiple kinds of target images from custom to ones that I watched demoed in tutorials. Even though I have everything selected properly I still cannot see any of the objects I have linked to my target image. I have the datasets loading properly but am seeing a variety of console errors. One of which is the target being lost despite me not moving it out of view(at no point though can I see the object even though it does say it i has located it briefly). Unfortunately I really do not have an understanding of CS and as a result do not know how to troubleshoot this effectively. I am using an xbox one kinect for my camera
any help would be greatly appreciated.


Development OS (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux): windows -

Mobile OS and Version: ios -

Mobile Device Manufacturer and Model name: iphone 6 -

Do the Vuforia Sample Applications show the same behavior?:

Camera will not recognize Target image

September 27, 2017 - 1:56pm #2

Hello jsking,

The Kinect is not a supported device of Vuforia. Do you have any other devices or an integrated webcam to use instead?


-Vuforia Support

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