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Mac Mini Penguin Sample, NullReferenceException

November 25, 2015 - 12:50am #1

Vuforia SDK Version: 5.06 -
Description with steps to reproduce:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
UIStateManager.OnGUI () (at Assets/Scripts/UIStateManager.cs:100)


It worked on windows64 bit os and 32 bit unity3d. But on the mac mini, it showed this error. Can you help me? How to solve this.

Development OS (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux): Mac OS X -
Mobile OS and Version: Android -
Mobile Device Manufacturer and Model name: Moto -
Do the Vuforia Sample Applications show the same behavior?: Yes, it is the smart terrain penguin sample.

Mac Mini Penguin Sample, NullReferenceException

November 25, 2015 - 4:40pm #3

Thank you !

Mac Mini Penguin Sample, NullReferenceException

November 25, 2015 - 8:16am #2

In the GUIInputManager.cs script (under 'Assets/Scripts' folder), locate the constructor method and remove the UpdateTitle ( ... ) line:

public GUIInputManager()
        m_StyleHeader = new GUIStyle();
        m_SodaCanOverlay = new GUIStyle();
        m_buttonDone = new GUIStyle();
        m_buttonReset = new GUIStyle();

        m_headerTextures = new Texture2D[3];
        m_headerTextures[0] = Resources.Load("GUI/header_pointdevice") as Texture2D;
        m_headerTextures[1] = Resources.Load("GUI/header_pullbackslowly") as Texture2D;
        m_headerTextures[2] = Resources.Load("GUI/header_tapice") as Texture2D;

        m_SodaCanOverlay.normal.background = Resources.Load("GUI/outline") as Texture2D;

        m_buttonDone.normal.background = Resources.Load("GUI/buttonDone") as Texture2D; = Resources.Load("GUI/buttonDone") as Texture2D;
        m_buttonDone.onActive.background = Resources.Load("GUI/buttonDone") as Texture2D;

        m_buttonReset.normal.background = Resources.Load("GUI/buttonReset") as Texture2D; = Resources.Load("GUI/buttonReset") as Texture2D;
        m_buttonReset.onActive.background = Resources.Load("GUI/buttonReset") as Texture2D;


This bug appears to be affecting Vuforia 5.0 on Unity 5.2, but it should be fixed in next Vuforia release (also, note that this bug is not exhibited in Unity 5.1 and 4.6)



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