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Noise in models (BUGS_

December 28, 2016 - 6:58am #1

Vuforia SDK Version: 6.2 -

Description with steps to reproduce: Hello everyone,

I am using Vuforia 6.2 & Blender to make an Augmented Reality scene and these past few months i have encountered this bug in every scene.
When i scan the image and the scene shows up some of the meshes seem to overlap and there is a visual noise. This becomes even a bigger issue as farther away you look.

I have been able to (partly) solve the issue by using Boolean and Union the models so their meshes don't overlap which creates the visual noise in most cases. This is very frustrating because this happends even when i make a simple box. It's hard to explain i hope the examples will clerify by problem.

Some images / examples:

Image: http://nl.tinypic.com/r/1zmpb88/9
Video: https://youtu.be/pxS20A05-40

As you can see the bottum meshes / windows show some kind of noise and i have no idea how to fix it.

I really hope someone knows this issue and how to fix it. It would mean the world to me. -

Development OS (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux): Windows -

Mobile OS and Version: IOS 10 -

Mobile Device Manufacturer and Model name: Apple -

Do the Vuforia Sample Applications show the same behavior?:

Noise in models (BUGS_

April 11, 2020 - 4:22pm #2

I solved this problem In Unity , Please Follow these steps:

  1. Switch Platform To Android .
  2. Go To : Player Settings > Player > Other Settings
  3. Uncheck (Auto Api Check) option.
  4. Remove Vulkan Item (by minus icon.)
  5. Add OpenGLES3 & OpenGLES2 .
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