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Screen shaking during playing the ImageTarget

October 28, 2018 - 11:28pm #1


I created a App  using vuforia unity extension.

When augmenting an 3d object much larger than the size of the image, the augmented object shakes tremendously.

When the image is located at the top or bottom of the model and it is augmented more than 5 times in one direction of the image, the shaking becomes large

Registered images receive five stars from the vuforia site.


Check the situation. 

Thank you.

I will send you detailed development environment by mail.

Screen shaking during playing the ImageTarget

October 29, 2018 - 2:20pm #2


Pose jitter exists for all 2D planar targets. The magnitude of the jitter (hardly noticeable to very noticeable) can be impacted by a few factors:

  1. Always print the image that was uploaded to the portal to the exact same aspect ratio. Any stretching or altering of the image may cause tracking pose jitter. Some printers default to "stretch to fit", which can change the aspect ratio.
  2. Check the size values you are using when uploading Targets to the Vuforia Target Manager. Note there is specific language used in the dialogue box that says Vuforia uses meters as the default unit scale. Incorrect target sizes could affect either our detection/tracking algorithm
  3. Image Targets must be flat when in the camera's field of view
  4. Not enough lighting upon, and/or spectral reflections occluding the Image Target

The star rating provides a heuristic analysis of the given target, but does not necessarily represent the actual run time detection and/or tracking performance. It is to provide some level of feedback to help guide developers to optimize their targets.

Here is some guidance on optimizing targets: https://library.vuforia.com/articles/Solution/Optimizing-Target-Detection-and-Tracking-Stability


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