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Video Playback first sample inquiries

December 14, 2014 - 11:36pm #1

Hello, am a beginner in Vuforia , i am trying to create my first video playback sample. I succssefully created it but with  some problems i need to solve :


1) The video still playing even when i leave the marker or lose tracking !!!

2) I can't test it in unity , it gives me X on the video, so every change i must build and run on my phone.

3) I tried to show the video on fullscreen mode but it is not working (it does nothing onmousedown) !!! (i am using this line "video.VideoPlayer.Play(true,currentPosition); " )



-am using vuforia with unity and testing it on my HTC one M8 phone (android 4.4.4)

-i added onmousedown event to the play button to play and pause it


please inform me if you can help me or need more information , i know it's basic things but i hope to solve it.




Video Playback first sample inquiries

December 17, 2014 - 8:38pm #2

Here's a couple of FAQs that might help:



For the VideoPlayback sample, video playback in Unity's PlayMode isn't supported. This messaging is also displayed in the Console window via this code from the PlayVideo.cs:

if (QCARRuntimeUtilities.IsPlayMode())
    if (PickVideo(Input.mousePosition) != null)
        Debug.LogWarning("Playing videos is currently not supported in Play Mode.");


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