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Webcam Not Working

February 14, 2021 - 3:44pm #1

Hy guys,

i got a problem that making me confused about the AR.

i already installed Vuforia from the package manager of Unity 2019.4.20f1.

i set up my configuration... just like the YT tutorial does, but my Laptop's webcam still not working.

i have tried it in several laptops and it's the same.

did i do it incorrectly or anything else?

please help me.

Webcam Not Working

February 15, 2021 - 1:30am #2


Could you please check if Unity has access to the Camera in the Windows/Mac settings?

On windows: Windows Settings/Privacy/Camera and set "Allow apps to access your camera" to "on.

On Mac: System Preferences/Securit & Privacy/Camera -> make sure that Unity/Unity Hub has access

Thank you.

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