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Would like more options for fitting video to background

January 8, 2013 - 2:19pm #1

So, my Xoom captures 640x480, but it's screen size is larger than that.

For my app, I want the camera image to fill the screen AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WITHOUT GOING OVER. That is, if held in landscape, the image height should just fill the height, and the image width will be somewhat smaller than the screen width, leaving blank or black bars on either side.

As I understand it, that's not how the VideoTextureBehavior.cs works. It will fit the width, and expand the height of the image beyond the height of the screen, such that some of the camera's image is lost.

I can see value in both schemes, but I need the 'letterboxing'.

I tried fiddling with this, and came close, but it looks like the Vuforia engine assumes the behavior without letterboxing, as the scale is somewhat off. That is, I sized the video texture to fit as I needed (letterboxing), but the AR marker the camera shows me, and the in-scene marker, are no longer matched 1:1 (BTW: High props for when it does match, it's rock solid!)

So I'd really like a 'letterbox' member or method. Unless I missed something, a setting or API?

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