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About Classic License

May 14, 2019 - 1:09pm #1

Hi, I have some questions about classic license.


I have a small company and it's revenue is around $200k per year. 

two developer - includes myself - and one graphic designer are all members of my company. 


We are developing an app for a museum, managed by country, and it's fully non-commercial. 

We are going to use several image trackers to show interactable images on mobile phone. 

Physical images will be printed on the museum's booklet, and the booklet will be distributed by museum for free. 

The application will use no vumarks, 3d-scans, 3d-models, and no cloud database. it will only use image trackers.


After reading pricings, I think classic license is fit for my application.  it it right? 

and the application will be on google play store and also on apple app store. 

should I buy two license for two different app stores? 


or if the application needs other license, you can give recommandation. 


thank you.


About Classic License

May 17, 2019 - 10:57am #3

Hello Shimaz,

The revenue restrictions on licensing are based on the customer you're developing for, not the agency or developers themselves. If the museum generates a revenue of over $10 million a year you'd need to reach out to the Vuforia Sales team about a Pro license.

Each application developed needs it's own license key. That license key is good for both the Apple and Google Play store you are looking to publish on.



About Classic License

May 14, 2019 - 2:55pm #2


Based upon the information you've provided, and my basic understanding of the Vuforia Engine Developer Agreement, I would agree with your assessment that a Classic license is likely most appropriate in your case. However, I'm not the authority on licensing so consider my feedback accordingly.

Please note that you only need 1 license per app title. Thus, it is not necessary to purchase a license for the App Store and Play Store distributions. If it is the same app, you can use the same license key for both.



Vuforia Engine Support


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