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Deleting a Broze plan license

November 30, 2015 - 8:38am #1

I just delete a license attached to a cloud datase(Bronze plan) to stop getting charged for a suspended project.

But after I delete the license , targets in that database still working, and I can't deactive or delete any target in that database.

So I tried to attach a new license to that database, and it failed.


How can I deactivate targets in that database ? Will I still get charged for that database or the license I deleted?

Deleting a Broze plan license

December 2, 2015 - 12:37pm #2

An Unassigned Cloud DB becomes read-only in the Target Manager. App recos for that Cloud DB will cease as there is no assigned license with which to govern them.

When a Cloud DB is first created, an unused license (Starter or Paid) must be assigned to it. It is only during initial Cloud DB creation that a Starter license can be assigned to it (Starter licenses will not appear in the list on subsequent assignments). You cannot assign a Starter license to a Cloud DB, delete it some time later, and then assign a second Starter license to that same Cloud DB.

Rules for single Cloud DB with initial license assignment and optional re-assignment*:

Initital license assignment during Cloud DB creation: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Starter
Any subsequent license assignment: Bronze, Silver, Gold


* To re-assign a Cloud DB to a new key, the currently assigned key must first be deleted.


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