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Vuforia Educational License

January 5, 2017 - 3:14am #1


I'm a student of Wrocław University of Science Technology in Poland. As my engineering thesis I've created an app, with which you can discover a reconstruction of XVII century Chojnik castle located near Jelenia Góra.

http://wirtualnychojnik.kio.pwr.edu.pl/ - project site (unfortunetly only in Polish).

I've distributed the app through Google Play totally for free. It had huge interest and I was really proud about it. Unfortunetly I didn't realise the new Vuforia pricing policy. So I had to reverse the publishment before the app reached the 1k download treshhold (it had ~970 downloads). The app has vuforia watermark and it's totally non commercial and created for educational pruposes.

So I wrote the mail to the Vuforia Sales Department describing the whole situation and if could I still use the development license or which license should I use?

As an answer I've got only "Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts on our licenses.". So my question is: which license should I use? I want to republish my app, but it will be hard for me to afford $500 for now.

P.S here is an screenshot creeated from app made on real Chojnik castle.

Screenshot Wirtualny Chojnik

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