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What is the type of license?

July 5, 2021 - 4:29am #1

I am planning to sell cups with marks on them.

The content will be an app created in Vuforia that will read the mark on the cup and display a message.

The app will be distributed free of charge.

My company will be a small company with about $200,000 in sales.

In this case, is there any problem with the license "Basic"?

Please reply.

What is the type of license?

July 6, 2021 - 10:56am #4


I sent the contact e-mail for  your account t(for user fumiaki) to the Vuforia sales team, so I hope they will contact you soon and will  provide the requested information. Thanks!


Vuforia Engine Support

What is the type of license?

July 5, 2021 - 6:24pm #3

Thanks for contacting me.

With the content I'm creating now, it may be a PRO license.

I have purchased the cheapest plan I could find.

How much does a pro license cost?

What is the type of license?

July 5, 2021 - 10:50am #2


according to the "Vuforia Developer Agreement" we have as 2.3:

"2.3.  Basic License. A Basic License may be used for the deployment of a Developer Application that does not utilize Cloud Services, does not fall into a Professional Use License category as set forth in Section 2.5 below, and may only be purchased if the Company’s annual revenue is under ten million dollars ($10,000,000). You must purchase a separate Basic License and use a unique License Key for each Developer Application You deploy and/or distribute. A Basic License includes Software Updates."


"2.5.  Professional (Pro) Use. Deployment of Developer Applications require you to contact PTC at to purchase a License.

2.5.1.  Enterprise Application.  An Enterprise Application is a Developer Application that is (i) developed for Your own business purposes and distributed for internal use by Your personnel or the personnel of one or more of Your affiliates; or (ii) developed by You to be used by third-party personnel solely with Your products in a business or industrial environment. Examples of Enterprise Applications may include Developer Applications that are used (i) to operate and service Your products and equipment, (ii) to market and sell Your products (including at a tradeshow) or (iii) for internal training purposes.

2.5.2.  Development Tool. A Development Tool is a software application that is used by You, Your employees, or Your end users to create a Developer Application or prepare, author or publish content for use with a Developer Application. Development Tools may include engines, software development kits, libraries, authoring tools, and middleware.

2.5.3.  Independent Software Vendor Application. An Independent Software Vendor Application is a Developer Application that is offered on a subscription basis.

2.5.4.  Product Companion Application. A Product Companion Application is a Developer Application that is used with a physical product and (i) for which functionality is included in the marketing for such physical product, or (ii) is intended for regular or repeated use with the physical product. Examples of Product Companion applications are Developer Applications that interact with toys such as action figures, coloring books or trading cards.

2.5.5.  Preload Application. A Preload Application is a Developer Application that is distributed with a new mobile device whether (i) preloaded on mobile device prior to distribution and sale to an end-user or (ii) installed on a mobile device as part of an over-the-air update."

So , please, check if the point 2.5.4 is  relevant for for your application case- then the answer is no , otherwise it could be yes

Please, check also:

Pricing and Licensing Options


Vuforia Engine pricing information is available at


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