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Can't get Target Object to work

December 21, 2019 - 8:57am #1

Hello everyone.

This is my first attempt using 3D object scanning and I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

1. I scanned an object with over 300 points. The test feature detects it properly.

2. I opened Unity 2018.3.9f (2019 seems to freeze when I activate Vuforia), switched to Android and ticked "Vuforia Augmented Reality Support".

3. I added an AR Camera and a 3D scan to the scene. 

4. I uploaded my scan to a Vuforia database, downloaded the database as a Unity Asset and imported it into Unity. The scan seems to show on my Object Target (at least the preview is correct).

5. I pasted my license key into the VuforiaConfiguration file.

6. I compiled to my device. The camera view is showing and the Vuforia watermark is there too, but the object isn't being recognized. Same with my webcam on PC.

What am I missing? Please assist.

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Can't get Target Object to work

January 7, 2020 - 1:34am #2


Could you please confirm what logging information do you see when running in Unity? There should be logging about the STATUS of tracking.

If you have it already on an Android App installed, please start the app, point it to the 3d object and provide logcat dump using $ adb logcat AR:D Unity:D *:S

Thank you.

Vuforia Engine Support


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