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Guide View

September 27, 2018 - 7:23am #1


A weird issue(hololens):

When i start my app i am able to use the guide view to set my 3d Model, i put an anchor, i deactivate vuforia tracking and i deactivate the guide view via this function :

modelBehaviour.GuideViewMode = ModelTargetBehaviour.GuideViewDisplayMode.NoGuideView;

I have a button to replace the 3d model, when i click on it i reactivate vuforia tracking and the guideview with this function:

modelBehaviour.GuideViewMode = ModelTargetBehaviour.GuideViewDisplayMode.GuideView3D;

Every thing work fine but i lose the guide view, it blinks 1 second and disappear! When i print the state of the guide view with this command

print("guide view state = " + modelBehaviour.GuideViewMode), the result is "guide view state = GuideView3D".

So the guide view is active but it does not appear. 

Need help!! 



Guide View

January 7, 2019 - 7:28am #3

Hello @kevinfd13,

I can confirm that is the correct API for turning enabling and disabling the guide view is modelBehaviour.GuideViewMode = ModelTargetBehaviour.GuideViewDisplayMode.

The error you're quoting seems to be  a C# compilation error, not a Vuforia error. “modelTarget does not exist in the current context”  points to using a variable called modelTarget without defining it.


Vuforia Engine Support

Guide View

January 2, 2019 - 6:23pm #2

modelBehaviour.GuideViewMode = ModelTargetBehaviour.GuideViewDisplayMode.NoGuideView;

Is this the correct way to toggle the guide view on/off?

Does not work for me to turn off the guide view. I receive "modelTarget does not exist in the current context"


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