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How much does a Model Target's Poly Count Affect Vuforia Performance?

July 26, 2018 - 11:19am #1


I was wondering if anyone knew how Vuforia's model detection and CPU/GPU usage was affected by a Model Target's poly count. 

For example let's say we have a 100K poly source model used to generate a model target and model detection works well on device. 

If we bump up the source model to 200K and generate a new model target would it be expected that model detection would work better, but Vuforia detection processing would increase?

I'm trying to figure out the trade offs and effect a source model's poly count would have on the runtime detection and performance. 

Ideally we could reach a balance point where detection is good enough and runtime performance is also as good as it can be.

Right now our app generates a lot of heat and drains our test mobile devices very quickly so we're always looking for ways to reduce power consumption.

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