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How to use EditorPreview (PreFab, AdvancedModelTarget) generating algorithm by myself

December 4, 2020 - 2:56am #1

Hey Vuforia team,


we want use 3D guide view on dynamically loaded StandardModel targets. We tried to load them using .obj files, but unfourtanely this lowers the performance of tracking and loading time a good amount (perhaps of the complexity of the file).

Now we noticed that by selecting a AdvancedModelTarget in Unity Inspector on ModelTargetBehaviour component generates a 3D prefab (called "EditorPreview") automatically from the Model target database in no time.

Perhabs this is done by a CustomEditor script attached to ModelTargetBehaviour, but it can be found nowhere accessible.


Can we access this generation algorithm through the Vuforia API?

Is it possible to integrate a quick 3D Model generation (from CAD mashes) to StandardModel target ?


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