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IGS File convert to GLB file in MTG

September 14, 2021 - 11:38pm #1

Hi guys,

My customer is using MTG to train their models (a steering wheel). The MTG will generate .unitypackage and .dat file for later use in Unity3D. They also need GLB file as well for Unity3D (as the whole steering wheel is hard to be scanned by the drivers, so GLB file is needed as a basic model for better use). They found that during the MTG training, MTG can generate .glb file as artifact in a folder (somewhere like ...\.publish), which could be very useful for them to convert .igs file (which they upload to MTG) to .glb.

The problem is, they are using Offline MTG in production environment, and such artifacts cannot be found anymore. So does anyone know if we can call this function separately, or we can use some other workaround method.

I checked on Internet that there may be some 3rd party's software can do converting thing, but whether they are not freeware, nor are they in safety/compliance concerns for customer.

so anyone have any idea about this?

Best Regards,


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