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Loading Model Target dataset from external source at runtime

January 30, 2020 - 5:43am #1


I have Augmented Reality app with Model Target. And I want load another target from external source at runtime.

Dataset generated from ModelTargetGenerator is now at "D:\Unity\HuD_AR_demo\DataSets"

My app doesn't report any problem with loading dataset. App do create new model target gameobject and displays his proper 2D guide view. But in Unity (play mode) his Model Target Behavior (script) database is empty and tracking don't working.

Please, help me solve this problem.

I will have a large database of targets and other usesful data.

In the next step I will change app for Andriod and/or I will be loading data from net.

Unity 2018.4.12f1 - Vuforia 8.3.8 - ModelTarget Generator 8.5.8

Plain text icon LoadDataset.txt2.6 KB
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