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Make Vuforia Test for Multiple ImageTargets at once

May 22, 2018 - 11:45am #1

Hello all,


First, thank you for any help.

Second, let me explain my situation. A client has something like 50 book covers. Each book cover is also an image target for the supporting app. Each book cover image target when recognized play the same "sizzle" video. So 50 image targets all trigger the same video experience.

Now onto the question... is it possible to have a Vuforia image target behavior search/recognize multiple image targets at once? I read the documentation on the MultiImageTarget but this isn't exactly what I want. Or I don't think I can use it for my situation. I say this b/c it's related to a geometric shape like a cereal box. My image targets will be separated for sure since only one can be on a book cover. I would like to avoid having 50 GameObjects with 50 ImageTarget Components in once scene just to support all of these image targets. My scene's hierarchy is going to get crazy. That just seems silly to me. But if that's the way to do it so be it I suppose.


ATM Devs

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