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Maximum Model Targets per App/Database

July 1, 2019 - 6:42pm #1

Hi all,

I'm wondering how many targets model can be set for an app/database.  I want to make an iOS app (for ipad) that recognize the CAD model for about 150 forniture pieces and display information of them when a piece its detected. (I'm very interested in the Target Model feauture, but doesn't say in any place how many Image Targets an app can handle).

Thanks for your support.

Maximum Model Targets per App/Database

July 2, 2019 - 8:49am #2


Untrained Model Targets and Advanced Model Targets 360 both have a limit of a single (one) target per device database. Advanced Model Targets allows "adding no more than 10-20 objects to a single database, depending on the number of Guide Views you have defined for each object". You can find more information in the following article:


Note that Vuforia Engine APIs provide the ability to load/unload/activate/deactive device databases so that targets can be managed in real time:


Here are some additional library articles that provide reference code for similar use cases:

The basic idea is that Vuforia device databases can be loaded from anywhere in device storage, as long as the app can read that location during run time. This functionality is also demonstrated in our 8.3 Vuforia Core samples, available for free on the Unity Asset Store.


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