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Model cannot be displayed and tracked after show the Guide View

June 1, 2019 - 12:26am #1

Hi All! I have two questions about using Vuforia Model target generator.

Q1:How to show the .obj model file after GuideView disappear?

I uploaded the untrained object model I needed to recognize in MTG8.1.10 and imported this model into Unity2018.3.14.

After depolyed this UWP into Hololens, I opened this UWP and I can see the outline of the untrained object model(Or GuideView) I needed to recognize.

I try to match this outline/GuideView to the real object, after registrated the outline to real object, the outline disappeared.

BUT! The 3D model .obj file didnt display on the real object.

I try to aligned the .obj file to the Model target. I also try to copy the objects in Model target subdirectory. In both cases, only the outline can be seen, and when the outline disappears, no virtual model is displayed on the real object and tracked.


Q2:Why does the GuideView disappear even if I don't align it to object?

Sometimes I found that when I rotate the HoloLens randomly, the GuideView disappears, even though I'm not aligning the object. 

Shouldn't it be that the GuideView will disappear after registration with the object?  

Is this related to HoloLens delay?

I am looking forward to your  team's reply. Thank you! :)

Image icon HololensCamera.PNG157.5 KB
Image icon ARCamera.PNG159.73 KB

Model cannot be displayed and tracked after show the Guide View

June 6, 2019 - 9:23am #2


I suggest that you review the Vuforia Engine HoloLens samples, free on the Unity Asset Store. These should be instructive for both your questions.


Vuforia Engine Support

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