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Model target object with unity 2018.1.0b2

January 17, 2018 - 6:02am #1

I'm following step by step the "Introduction to Model Target in Unity" guide, and i'm having some trouble from point 8:

the vuforiaconfiguration ispector is different in this version of unity and it automatically generate rows of dataset to load and dataset to activate with some default dataset value (VuforiaMars_Image and VuforiaMars_VuMark). if i change it manually, it will automatically regenerate thoose values when i came back to that page.

If i ignore it and i go on to the next steps i can't complete step 11 because the model target behaviour section is missing all the fields i need to edit. Only the Script field is visible (in grey, non editable).

Anyone else is having problem with this version of unity?


Image icon vuforiaconfig_inspector.PNG41.92 KB
Image icon modeltarg_inspecor.PNG154.45 KB
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