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Model Target stops tracking after a few days

April 16, 2018 - 7:07am #1



I have 2 problems...

I have created a target model, got the database through the model target generator, and set up the file in Unity. After hitting "play" the target was tracking perfectly through my webcam, I was able to turn it around pretty far before it would start to lose track of where the target was, but overall it was able to read the object very well. When I pushed the build to my Samsung Galaxy S6, everything loaded without error, and I was able to see the 2D guide view on my phone screen. Problem 1 is that my phone would not track the object at all, not even a glimpse that anything was going to happen, even after holding the model aligned to the guide view for 10 seconds or so. It would still work in Unity through my webcam, but couldn't get it to work on android. I'm wondering if this is a common issue with an easy fix?

Problem 2. I had given up for the day, then came back to the computer today and now it will not even track in Unity. This is the second file I've made this week that has worked perfectly one day, then completely fails to work after that first day. The first time this happened, I assumed I broke some settings along the way, so I rebuilt the file from scratch with a more complex model target. Once again it worked perfectly, then all of the sudden, won't make any attempt to track. The guide view still comes up, just no object recognition. I have restarted Unity, and my computer, in hopes that Unity is just having a "moment" but no luck. No file settings had been changed that I can think of, the file was even left open on my computer over night. Is there really a setting that I might have hit while trying to push to android that would cause such an abrupt lack of tracking? Or is there something more complex like a problem with this version of vuforia that is failing somehow a few days into the project?


I'm operating on Windows 10 with Unity 2017.3.1f1 and Vuforia version 7.0.47

Any suggestions are welcome, I have to submit this example project for a deadline this Friday (4.20.18)...


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