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Model Tracking shows differences between Android nd iOS

May 29, 2019 - 2:28am #1

Hello, first of all I'm asking sorry if this question i duplicate. I did not foun another similar thus I'm writing this one.

Recently I'm facing some differrences of tracking between Adroid Tracking and iOS Tracking, in specifc iOS devices does not loose the tracking at all even if you rotate 360° the object remains tracked. But for me it's not good because to track another model I have to reload the scene.

With the same settings Android behaves differently, and with some movement or rotating the camera from the object at a certain point it loosea the tracking, wich is the behave I desire.

Please could some one spred some light on this issue? Thanks in advance!!!

Following my settings:

Unity version: 2018.3.9f1

Vuforia version : 8.0.10

Camera Device Mode :  Dafault

Track Device Pose: checked

Tracking Mode: Positional


If you need more info about the configuration please tell me.

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