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Recognition of real buildings

July 25, 2018 - 4:19am #1



I have tried to detect several buildings in Berlin like the

- Reichstag 

- Brandenburg Gate 

- Berlin Chappel

- Berlin Momorial Church


with the help of model targets. - I have bought (e. g. turbos.q) for each building a model and used the Model Target Generator to detect the buidlings within unity.

Non of them was detected.


Is there someone of you who already was able to detect a building and how did you do that?

Are there any best practice for detecting buildings e. g. with image marker or using only a part of the building-model?

What could be a solution?


Are the buidlings too complex or would a modern building like the berlin TV Tower would work better?

Last question would it make sence to cut out a part of the building and only use that in the model generator e.g. in case of the TV Tower the "ball" in the middle?


Thanks in advance!


Recognition of real buildings

October 19, 2018 - 3:11pm #2



Have the same issue. Want to recognize real images like buildings and stores. But but not clear what will work better..- IMAGE TARGET or MODEL TARGET or LOCATION BASED AR.  Some times it is difficult to get model of a building so can we assume that there is no other way to track it.

want to track something like shown in the image below..


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