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Trouble with model recognition

June 19, 2019 - 6:56am #1


I have a trouble when I'm trying to track my 3D model using the HoloLens.

In the beginning of the app, I have my Guide View displayed, but when I'm looking to the real object to track, the guide view is disapearing, and nothing is displayed. It should show the 3D model, but it doesn't. The gude view is disapearing and appearing again when I'm looking somewhere else.

Also, does the model target has a maximum size to be able to be tracked ? For example 1 meter or 2 meters ?

Thank you for your answers

Trouble with model recognition

June 21, 2019 - 5:07am #3

The thing is, if the trackable object is detected, it should appear something and the guide view should disappear.

I also runned the app in my office, without the trackable object. I'm seeing the guide view in my hololens, but when i'm watching my computer's screen for example, it disapear for some seconds, and when i'm moving my head somewhere else it's re-appearing. It's the same behaviour as with the real trackable object.

The trackable object is not a primitive object but more a complex object.


Trouble with model recognition

June 20, 2019 - 10:22am #2


What is the trackable's state when the guide view disappears? The default behavior of the SDK is for the guide view to disappear, so my assumption is that it has detected the object and is tracking it. I suggest that you try running our HoloLens samples (free on the Asset Store) to compare its behavior with your app's.

Vuforia Engine is mostly limited by HoloLens capability to map an environment. We've successfully detected and tracked equipment that is up to 2m tall and 1m wide, but your mileage may vary depending upon the environment and the target.


Vuforia Engine Support


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