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Vuforia support for moving/ and flexible Model Targets

August 24, 2019 - 9:12am #1

Hello all.


I've just started looking into Vuforia as a possibility to implement something that we need to do in my company.


We develop wearable tech (a martial arts training vest) and a companion app.

My current understanding of the model target limitations, is that it has to be both static and rigid, which is not the case for wearable tech used in a fight or training.

It wasn't clear to me though whether those restrictions apply to the object going into the database to serve as target reference or to the actual object in the real world to be identified (I'm thinking the latter, but thought I'd ask just in case).


Assuming indeed our gear doesn't fit the criteria, can anyone provide insight whether its a current limitation (ie. come back in a couple of months) or a standing restriction (ie. Vuforia will never support what you are looking for)?


Additional reference. This goal for this AR piece is to be integrated into an existing Unity App (currently 2019.1.4) building for iOS and Android. The ultimate goal is to use AR to identify the vests and record the fight or training session with augmented effects.

Vuforia support for moving/ and flexible Model Targets

August 28, 2019 - 10:32am #2

Vuforia is optimized for passive markers and mobile hardware.  What you are trying to do would be very difficult given those restrictions.  I would guess(and I may be wrong) that this won't be implemented in any timeframe that would be useful to you, if ever.

I would probably look for something like this IMU based motion tracker or this reflective IR tracker.  In general you are looking for motion capture hardware, which has become much more accessible in recent years. 

If you are dead set on using Vuforia, try something simpler, like using image targets(QR code style for maximum trackability) spread out across the clothing.  Of course the tracking is going to be poor if they are not flat when worn but if you have room to make stiff sections then it could work to some degree.

Good luck to you and let me know how it works out.


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