Announcing the release of Vuforia SDK 2.8

December 16, 2013 - 4:56pm #1
We're pleased to announce that Vuforia™ SDK 2.8 is now available for download and includes the following new features:
• Continuous Visual Experiences: Extended Tracking is a new Vuforia capability that delivers a continuous visual experience even when the target is out of view. Users now have the freedom to follow game play over large areas away from the target. They can also visualize large objects such as architectural models, vehicles and furniture from more vantage points. 
• Simpler Development: The newly launched Java APIs make it easier than ever to add Vuforia-enabled experiences to Android apps in Eclipse. No C++ is required although it is still supported if you prefer to work with the NDK.
• Content Storage:  Vuforia now allows you to store content with cloud-based targets which makes it easier to build and manage cloud recognition apps. You can upload up to 1MB of content, such as images and mobile-optimized 3D models, with each cloud-based target to avoid the complexity of implementing and managing dedicated hosting infrastructure. By using a single request for both recognition and content delivery, Vuforia lets you create more responsive end-user experiences.
All the best,
The Vuforia Team


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