Now available-QCAR SDK version 1.5 Beta for iOS!

December 20, 2011 - 10:25am #1

Dear iOS developers,

The Qualcomm AR SDK version 1.5 Beta 1 for iOS is now available for download. This Beta SDK has several improvements that are expected to improve the overall user experience of your apps.

Key new features and improvements in this version of the QCAR SDK include:
- Swapping datasets at runtime: If your app needs to augment more than 60 images, you can now create multiple datasets -using the web-based Target Management System (My Trackables tool) - and load the appropriate dataset at runtime. You no longer have to upgrade your app to change the target dataset, and you can now build AR experiences that work on a large number of images.
- Video background texture access: The SDK now provides a simple and streamlined way of accessing the video background texture. Developers can now write custom special effects using powerful shaders resulting in far more exciting application experiences.
- Improved tracking performance: The new SDK features several enhancements that reduce jitter in the augmentations, speed up recovery from tracking failures, detect targets at steeper angles and track over longer distances. FrameMarkers can now be partially occluded – allowing them to be picked up and used as game pieces during the AR experience.

As usual, the installers and the release notes can be found in the SDK tab of the AR portal ( You will also find a 1.5 Beta-specific documentation pdf file ( which includes relevant updates as well as instructions to upgrade your apps from 1.0 to 1.5 Beta.

Happy holiday season to all from the Qualcomm AR team!

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