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Vuforia Engine 10 is Available!

SDK 10.0
July 29, 2021 - 8:08am #1

Hello developers! The Vuforia team is excited to announce the release of Vuforia Engine version 10. This newest update introduces a brand-new API for faster and easier development, reduces the size and upload time of Model Targets with new compression technology, improves tracking for several of our leading target types, and more. Please be sure to check out the release notes for complete details.

Before You Update!

Please carefully review the version 10 migration guide. Since there are many significant changes to the API, you will need to update the code in your apps for them to function properly. 

  • New Vuforia Engine API: This modernized API enables developers to create the same applications faster and more efficiently with fewer lines of code.
  • Enhanced Compression Technology: New compression technology will greatly reduce the upload times  for  Model  Targets  by  up  to  80%  and  the  dataset  size  by  50%.  This  will  result  in  a  smaller application footprint and provide users with a faster, better performing application.
  • Automatic  Simplification  for  All  Users:  We’re  now  offering  our  automatic  Model  Target simplification to all license holders! This simplification happens in the cloud and doesn’t require any additional effort from developers. 
  • Improved  Tracking:  We  continue  to  improve  our  tracking  algorithms  to  respond  to  the  ever-evolving hardware and platform needs of our developers. Targets will now snap faster and track more robustly in greater variety of conditions.
  • Simplified  Installation  for  Unity  Extension:  In  response  to  feedback,  we’ve  streamlined  the process of installing the Unity Extension by delivering it as a .unitypackage.

If  you  have  questions  about  this  release  or  other  Vuforia  Engine  features,  feel  free  to  post  on  our community forums. Have an AR experience you’d like to share with us? Please send any videos of your Vuforia Engine application to

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