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Vuforia Engine 7.5 is Available!

September 26, 2018 - 5:23pm #1

The Vuforia Engine team is excited to announce our feature focused 7.5 release!

  • Introduction of our new feature: External Camera
  • Support for ARCore 1.4
  • Enhanced tracking for Model Targets
  • Increased ability to detect small targets
  • Support for DragonBoard™ 410c

External Camera allows Vuforia Engine to access external video sources beyond the camera equipped in phones and tablets. By using an independent camera, developers can create an AR experience that offers a first-person view from toys, robots or industrial tools.

In 7.5 small target detection has now been enhanced, supporting even more use cases when recognizing VuMarks and Image Targets. When using Model Targets, lighting, reflections, and other surface conditions can cause problems with recognition. Enhanced edge tracking improves the ability to lock on to objects. We’ve also updated the Model Target Generator to provide feedback on the target viability, helping streamline the development process. To continue offering the best cross-platform experience through Vuforia Fusion, we’ve added support for ARCore 1.4 devices.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes.

If you’re interested in trying out our new technology that has yet to be released, check out the Vuforia Innovator Program! VIP is designed for professional AR developers looking to get early access to the latest innovations along with direct support from Vuforia Engine experts. 

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