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Vuforia Engine 8.1 is Available!

March 19, 2019 - 2:53pm #1

Vuforia Engine is ready for Spring! While this is a minor release, it is bringing augmented reality to an even wider audience. Vuforia Engine 8.1 will deliver the following functionality and enhancements:

  • Model Targets object detection improvements
  • New experimental APIs for ARCore and ARKit
  • Support for Android ARM64
  • Vuforia Engine for iOS now includes Bitcode

Model Targets is one of Vuforia Engine’s most powerful features, and we’re dedicated to continuing its advancement. The 8.1 release offers improvements to support large-scale objects that are low in features while under difficult lighting conditions. These could be objects such as cars at trade-shows and industrial manufacturing equipment.

New APIs have been added that allow developers of native code for Android and iOS to access session and frame pointers for ARCore and ARKit. These APIs are currently experimental and enable developers to combine ARCore and ARKit features that aren’t currently accessible to Vuforia Engine. Examples include detected planes and advanced lighting information.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

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