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Vuforia Engine 8.5 is Available!

October 1, 2019 - 11:22am #1

The Vuforia team is excited to announce Vuforia Engine 8.5! This release includes the following updates:

• New API to optimize Model Target tracking

• Enhancements to Vuforia VISLAM

• Support for Hololens 2

Model Targets are once again a highlight feature in this update! With the combination of developer feedback and the massive potential this technology holds, we wanted to optimize how applications track a model based on the use case.

We’ve now introduced a new API that allows for a “Static” or “Adaptive” mode. When the real-world model remains stationary, like a large industrial machine, implementing the “Static” API will use significantly less processing power. This enables a longer lasting and higher performance experience for those models. For objects that won’t be stationary the “Adaptive” API allows for a continued robust experience.

The Vuforia team understands that functionality like ground plane and extended tracking are still vital attributes of many AR applications. Our new enhancements to Vuforia VISLAM increase the stability and performance of those AR experiences. These benefits extend to applications running on older devices.

Finally, developers will now be able to create Vuforia Engine applications for Microsoft HoloLens 2 once commercially available! We can’t wait to see what the Vuforia Engine community builds.

For a more detailed look at each of our new updates, please review our release notes. If you have questions about this release or other Vuforia Engine features, feel free to post on our community forums.

Thank you,

The Vuforia Engine Team

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