Vuforia Engine Licensing Update

April 25, 2019 - 2:17pm #1

UPDATE – 5/22/19

Last week we announced that our Classic license will be retiring at the end of the month. In response to discussions we’ve had with members of our community, we’re going to extend the opportunity to purchase the Classic license until June 5th.

After this date, Classic licenses will no longer be available for purchase but will continue to work as per our user agreement. Our new subscription option, the Basic license, will take its place.


We are reaching out to give you advanced notice that one of our licenses will be changing on May 29th.

Our previous Classic License, which was a one-time payment of $499, will now be replaced with our new Basic License which is a subscription.

Classic License purchases before May 29th will not be affected by this update. Moving our licenses over to a subscription model ensures that your Vuforia Engine powered applications get the latest software versions automatically.

As a note, the Basic license is represented monthly but will be charged annually at $504. The Cloud license will not be changing. The name has just been updated to better reflect what’s included.

Thank you for being a Vuforia Engine Developer! We look forward to seeing more innovative applications from our community.


License FAQ

1. If I currently own a Classic license will I have to change it over to a subscription? Will my current application cease to function?

• No. If you have purchased a Classic license previously, nothing will change. We will adhere to the terms of that license. Any license that has been purchased before May 29th will stay as purchased. You will not be made to switch over to a subscription or cancel your license. 

2. Does this affect the free Developer license with the watermark?

• No. The Developer license will remain the same. As the Vuforia Developer Agreement has always specified, a free license may only be used to develop a Developer Application and not to distribute a Developer Application to end users (whether internal or external).

3. How does the Basic license work?

• The Basic license is a subscription that will be charged annually at $504 from the date the license is purchased. This license, like all our Vuforia Engine licenses, is per application. Each new application you make requires that you purchase a new license key.


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